Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Ministry Update

This spring has been remarkably busy with extra travel and a couple of new ministries. We are so thankful for the prayers that are offered in our behalf as we realize time and again how vulnerable we are without the power and grace of God! He is the one that we serve. His direction is always on time, and His grace is always abundant to meet our need.

One of the ministry areas that God has compelled us to join this spring and summer is a nearby church Re-Start. After talking to the DS of this district, we have been named the strategy consultants for this pastor and church. Our desire is to be led very clearly by God in all that we do and say in order to have the greatest ministry effectiveness in this new church.

An exciting part of our ministry took place recently as Joel was able to participate in the launching of a new Hispanic church here in El Paso. This new church is a part of the Southwest Latin District, under the leadership of DS Roberto Hodgson. As well, Joel was recently able to meet with a ministry strategy team in Tucson, AZ, to develop plans for starting new churches in southern Arizona. Next year, we will be helping facilitate teams of people from every district in the world using GOL 2010 – an evangelistic thrust using sports camp outreach in conjunction with the World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Another ministry that has increased and changed is our connection with World Mission Mobilization. Currently we are working diligently to prepare and train Mission Coaches, people that have the tools and resources to effectively disciple those that have sensed God’s call on their lives toward missions. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to have an impact on the world for generations to come by effectively ministering to future missionaries.

Currently we are also preparing for Youth In Mission training camp. This is one of our favorite times of the year although it is quite busy. On May 26th, we will have 66 university students and about 20 staff members here in the El Paso area for 6 days. The students will be preparing for 8 weeks of ministry around the world in teams of 3 and 4. We are blessed to be a part of this ministry that reaches the far corners of the world and also impacts the university students for future missions involvement and sensitivity!

Some specific prayer requests:

- For the new pastor and wife of this Re-Start church, that they would be powerfully led of God as they begin this new ministry.

- For the Youth In Mission students as they prepare for ministry this summer – for their spiritual preparation most of all, as well as their financial preparation.

- For our family as we travel this summer, that we would be used of God to touch people’s lives as we minister in churches, camps and in people’s homes.

We will be working at General Assembly in Orlando this summer. If you will be at the event, we would love to meet you! Please come and say "hello” to us in the World Mission exhibit.