Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paulina to join the family soon...

Our adoption story actually began in October of 2009 when we felt God impressing us to get involved personally with orphans. From that time, our lives have been changed as we have visited the orphanage Los Ojos de Dios (The Eyes of God) in Ciudad Juarez numerous times and have worked many hours on adoption paperwork and process.

A process that began with our answering “Yes” to God has touched many lives in Mexico and the US and has changed us forever. Although, the process has taken much more time than we planned and would have hoped, we are confident that God continues to work in many lives through the story of this little girl. God is faithful!

The latest news is that we have a court appearance in Mexico on April 27th. We are at the beginning of the finalization. Please pray with us that God’s will would be done in each of our hearts as we continue to say “Yes” to Him.

family picture - Nov, 2010

In Costa Rica

Recently, we accepted a new assignment from Nazarene Global Mission to join the Mesoamerica Region and work with NYI and Global Mission. We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, on March 1 and began Spanish language study the following Monday.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time and our ministry in El Paso, Texas, these past four years. El Paso has become home to us, and God has been gracious to use us to touch people’s lives.
When we talked to our kids about this change in ministry, Allison, age 11, said, through tears, “I know this is what God has next for us.” Her words say for each of us that is difficult to say goodbye, but we are filled with anticipation and joy in continuing to serve God.

We will be working with NYI leaders and those called to serve as missionaries across the region, which includes the 23 countries of the Caribbean, Mexico, and the 6 countries of Central America. This will be a ministry among 4 major language groups and about 75,000 young people.

Please pray that we will be led clearly by God in this new assignment. As always with change, there are many adjustments. The new region is experiencing change as well, but God never changes! We continue to rely on Him!