Thursday, December 13, 2007


On the mountain overlooking El Paso - September 2007.

The kids have done very well in school this semester. Both Allison and Nicolas have learned a lot and excelled in their classes, earning places in the Connections programs for their grade levels.

Annikah turned 2 in November and is busy growing and learning. She talks and sings all day, every day.

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas and a break from school. Pam's parents will be joining us in El Paso for Christmas, and we are looking forward to some special family time!

God has been so good to us, directing and sustaining us throughout this first year of our assignment. Joel has had a very busy year of traveling, and now he will be home for 2 months strait. Pam has kept things in order at home and has been able to learn some Spanish as well. We have sensed God's presence so many times, and we know that many people are praying for us!

More pictures from our August vacation

While we were in Phoenix this summer, we were able to visit the campus of Southwest Indian School, a ministry of World Gospel Mission. This is where Pam lived for 9 years as a child, the daughter of WGM missionaries. It was fun to show the kids the campus, her childhood home and some of her favorite play spots.

Allison and Annikah in front of Pam's childhood home, on the campus of Southwest Indian School.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer vacation

We were able to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a few days of vacation before school started in August. Here is a picture of the kids, with the beautiful Arizona landscape behind them. We had a wonderful time of relaxation and sunshine.

Allison and Nicolas are now settled into the school routine. Nicolas started Kindergarten this year. The first day he was disappointed that they didn't do any writing or math! Allison is in the third grade this year and has already made several friends.

Annikah is enjoying some more one-on-one time with mom. She is also spending a couple mornings a week with friends, while Pam attends Spanish classes and puts in some work hours.

Joel is into his fall travel schedule - visiting the Nazarene universities around the US. God is blessing in many ways, as we continually seek to be available to His leading!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the road

We are back home after 2 months on the road. We left home April 25th and traveled north. We spent the weeks in Kansas City - Joel in the World Mission office at HQ, and Pam helping out when needed and finishing the home school year with the kids. On the weekends we had services at 3 churches in Iowa and attended our niece's college graduation. One weekend, we went to Houston for meetings with Mexican and Central American leadership regarding the Border Initiative.

The week following Memorial Day was the Youth in Mission (YIM) training camp. This is the event that Joel plans for the college students participants who have committed to an 8 week YIM team experience. This year 92 students are serving on 21 sites around the world. Training Camp is one of the highlights of our kids' year, as we participate as a family. The kids always make some new friends with the college students and the staff. The picture above shows Annikah entertaining the crowd one afternoon.

After sending the students off to their sites, we wrapped up our time in KC and headed to Mississippi, where Joel's parents live and minister. Pam's parents met us there as well, and we spent a day all together. We had arranged for the kids to stay there with both sets of grandparents, while Joel and I took a ministry trip together.

On June 8th, Joel and I left for Europe, with plans to visit Spain, Scotland, Germany, and the Eurasia Regional office in Switzerland. We were able to visit with missionaries and ministry leaders in each of these places, as well as visit 3 YIM sites and make some connections with missionary potentials. Also, we were able to stay with Pam's brother in Madrid, Spain - Paul and Ellie, along with their son serve as missionaries with OMS, International. The entire trip was a blessing in many ways!

When we returned to the States, the kids were glad to see us. However, they had a wonderful time while we were gone! We are so thankful to our parents for giving them a fun and memorable time. We celebrated Nicolas' fifth birthday the day after we returned.

Earlier this week, we drove the 20 hours home across Texas! Now we are settling into life here again. :-)

We have added one more responsibility to our job description, so you can pray for us as we work together. Through the World Mission office, we are now working directly with young people who are called to missions and helping them to develop and to discover their place.

This next weekend, Joel will be traveling to St Louis, where the USA/Canada Nazarene Youth Conference will be held. He, along with our fellow missionaries Barry and Charlie Carney, will have the opportunity to connect with youth leaders about the Border Initiative ministry.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

El Paso is Home

We have been calling El Paso home for 4 months now, and we truly believe it. We are all making friends, getting to know our neighbors, supporting the local ice cream shop, and loving the warm climate!

Besides all that, we are learning each week a new piece of what ministry here is all about. We are experiencing God's presence in the building excitement around us. We are again realizing God's peace in living within His will.

Here are some pictures of us and our new home.

Nicolas, Annikah and Allison on Easter Sunday - in our back yard.

Annikah hunting for Easter eggs in our front yard.

Nicolas reading for the first time - in our kitchen/ home school room.

The kids with Grandma and Grandpa Tooley in March.

El Paso First Church of the Nazarene, where our offices and training center will be located. This is also where we attend church.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Old Year!

We asked the kids to highlight one happy memory from's what they said:

Nicolas: "Nothing...
Except for everything." (This is "typical" these days...he's officially entered the "pesky brother" phase of his life...he LOVES to tease Allison! Later on in our conversation, he said one of his happiest memories was celebrating his "half" birthday on December 22nd with his dad (we went for icecream). He's very happy to let everyone know that he is now officially 4 1/2 years old.

Allison: "I have too many to say! Meeting Michaela (our neighbor girl from across the street in KC who Allie lead to Jesus this year!); Youth In Mission training camp; having Tiffany (one of her BESTEST friends) move back to Kansas City; and going to Nickelodean Hotel (a GREAT hotel for families in Orlando, FL).

Annikah:, Annikah can't talk, but if she could she would say "Cheerios and fudge." She'd also probably say how happy she is to have her surgery behind her and comment about her funny brother and super sweet sister.

UPDATE: Joel leaves for an international conference and meetings with Nazarene Youth International being held in Johannesburg, South Africa (Jan. 1-12) while Pam and the kids will remain in Florida with Pam's parents. Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to our new home and ministry in the next few weeks.