Thursday, December 13, 2007


On the mountain overlooking El Paso - September 2007.

The kids have done very well in school this semester. Both Allison and Nicolas have learned a lot and excelled in their classes, earning places in the Connections programs for their grade levels.

Annikah turned 2 in November and is busy growing and learning. She talks and sings all day, every day.

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas and a break from school. Pam's parents will be joining us in El Paso for Christmas, and we are looking forward to some special family time!

God has been so good to us, directing and sustaining us throughout this first year of our assignment. Joel has had a very busy year of traveling, and now he will be home for 2 months strait. Pam has kept things in order at home and has been able to learn some Spanish as well. We have sensed God's presence so many times, and we know that many people are praying for us!

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