Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer vacation

We were able to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a few days of vacation before school started in August. Here is a picture of the kids, with the beautiful Arizona landscape behind them. We had a wonderful time of relaxation and sunshine.

Allison and Nicolas are now settled into the school routine. Nicolas started Kindergarten this year. The first day he was disappointed that they didn't do any writing or math! Allison is in the third grade this year and has already made several friends.

Annikah is enjoying some more one-on-one time with mom. She is also spending a couple mornings a week with friends, while Pam attends Spanish classes and puts in some work hours.

Joel is into his fall travel schedule - visiting the Nazarene universities around the US. God is blessing in many ways, as we continually seek to be available to His leading!


HPLRsMom said...

Hello, Tooley family! I am a Nazarene from the Des Moines area. I attend DM Southside, where I am now missionary President for the first time. My purpose in writing is twofold: first, to let you know that you are our LINKS family and we are praying for you and would like to know if you have any specific needs we can help with or pray about. Second, I am attending Drake University's Master's in Adult Learning, Performance and Development program. I am taking a class in emerging technologies for learning, and one of my homework assignments is to find a blog and comment on it. When I saw this week that you have a blog, it seemed like a match made in Heaven. I would love to know more about you and will now use your blog to update the church on your family. I also have my own blog, but it is mainly about my homework assignments. Feel free to check it out at In Christ, Carol Dawson

Trayc said...

Hey, guys! I think it's WAY cool that we have the same aged kids ~ except Caleb's in 2nd grade, not 3rd, and there's NO WAY I'm having another child so I can play catch up! ;D

Thank you so much for your prayers for my Father-in-Law. We appreciate them, and have learned mostly that Colon Cancer is one of those cancers that seems to be no real big deal to Doctors because they've come so far in their ability to treat it. PTL!!

Love you guys...Joel...isn't there a Nazarene College in Seattle you need to visit soon? :)