Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Old Year!

We asked the kids to highlight one happy memory from's what they said:

Nicolas: "Nothing...
Except for everything." (This is "typical" these days...he's officially entered the "pesky brother" phase of his life...he LOVES to tease Allison! Later on in our conversation, he said one of his happiest memories was celebrating his "half" birthday on December 22nd with his dad (we went for icecream). He's very happy to let everyone know that he is now officially 4 1/2 years old.

Allison: "I have too many to say! Meeting Michaela (our neighbor girl from across the street in KC who Allie lead to Jesus this year!); Youth In Mission training camp; having Tiffany (one of her BESTEST friends) move back to Kansas City; and going to Nickelodean Hotel (a GREAT hotel for families in Orlando, FL).

Annikah:, Annikah can't talk, but if she could she would say "Cheerios and fudge." She'd also probably say how happy she is to have her surgery behind her and comment about her funny brother and super sweet sister.

UPDATE: Joel leaves for an international conference and meetings with Nazarene Youth International being held in Johannesburg, South Africa (Jan. 1-12) while Pam and the kids will remain in Florida with Pam's parents. Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to our new home and ministry in the next few weeks.



Wesleys said...

Hey Tooleys! Don't forget the tradition of when you move to El Paso you ALWAYS send Mexican tamales to your friends in Kansas City!
God bless you all and Happy New Year! The Wesleys

Chris Pollock said...
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Chris Pollock said...

Did you move because you were making more money? :-)

(I think that was the reason you gave the students at Central for my move to Bethany).