Monday, November 13, 2006

El Paso, Here We Come!

Our "new" House in El Paso!

We are so excited about our new assignment as missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene. We will actually have a lot of the same responsibilities as Joel will continue serving as Global Youth Missions Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene.

In addition to the exciting ministry we're already engaged in, we will begin a new emphasis with the "Border Initiative," a church planting; leadership development; and short-term mission project thrust amongst the border districts of Mexico and the USA.

We will be serving with various church leaders throughout the southern USA states and the northern Mexican states - as well as a team of two other missionary families.

We invite you to:
1) Pray - that we will serve obediently and with godly wisdom
2) Give - this new ministry will not "just" happen - we will depend on the generosity of people like you to help make a difference.
3) Get involved - personally! Why not consider coming yourself or bringing a team of volunteers to help with a number of practical opportunities through construction; medical relief; children's ministry; youth ministry; life skills training, etc.

As always, we LOVE hearing from you - leave a comment below or send us an email.

We will be moving the week of December 15th - we'll give an update later on.


Joel and Pam Tooley


AVToolman said...

I am blessed and frustrated by the moving of God. I am overwhelmed with pride and satisfaction that God has chosen to use you and your family continually in such a mighty way. I am frustrated because it emans that one of Justin's and my best friends are moving a long way away. Nevertheless, i know that He is in this and it is right.

Chris Pollock said...

I like your new house but somebody forgot to plant grass at the new house!

... or did you get that house because you knew that Joel wouldn't ever mow the lawn? :-)

Daniel Moreno said...

I am very happy because I`m sure God will continue to use you as a family... El Paso is a really beutiful city, well it is for me cuz i lived in Cd. Juárez for about 4 years and i got to visit El Paso several times... My two younger brothers are living in Juarez now, they`ll be there for the Commission unto mexico visit of SNU... I`ll be praying for your new job there

Lots of blessings...

Krista said...

I wanted to try this... um I love ya'll... see ya'll Sunday!

Comedian Dennis Tooley said...

You all are in my prayers Bro. I won't go on about how overwhelmed I am with pride and satisfaction like David. He sounds alot like Dad.

I am looking forward to seeing you this next week.

switchfeetpete said...

sweet...let's talk more when you get out there, maybe we can work with you all on our next y min mission trip.