Tuesday, May 06, 2008


We recently went through the biannual “Parent/Teacher Conferences” for Allie and Nic — and (of course!) had great comments from the teachers of both of these kids (smile).

One highlight didn’t come from Nic’s teacher, however. The mother of one of Nic’s classmates called us to tell a story that her son’s teacher brought up in their conversation together.
Nicolas goes to this secondary teacher’s class each day for a “gifted” program and she told this other mom that one day, while the children were working on a project (quietly), Nicolas began singing the lyrics to “I have decided to follow Jesus.”

Unintentionally, (he must have been deep in thought working on his project) he was singing the words out loud. The teacher said that before too long, a couple of other kids were singing along with Nicolas—right there in the classroom of his public school.

The teacher couldn’t contain herself and went to Nicolas and said, “Do you know what, Nicolas? I’ve decided to follow Jesus, too!”

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Anonymous said...

that's so great!! :-)

~Lisa (K) S.