Sunday, August 01, 2010

Update on Paulina

Just a brief update...we are in the "don't contact us, we'll contact you" phase of our waiting for Paulina to come home. We are hoping that things will progress smoothly and Paulina will come home before September.

There are a few items for which we invite you to join with us in prayer:

1) The smooth completion of our adoption of Paulina
2) Due to the continued escalation in drug-related violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the US Consulate has closed for a security review...this could impact our adoption process, but more importantly, it is disruptive to 1000's of lives.
3) We are fully aware that God is at work in the lives of people we are in contact with daily - pray that we will be faithful to Him in His call for us to serve.

If you would like to contribute to the medical needs of the children at Los Ojos de Dios where Paulina lives, that would be a meaningful way to support something we are very passionate about.

Please visit their website at:

Also, you can view these videos produced for Los Ojos de Dios that feature a part of our story.

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