Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Language School

Joel and I have now completed 3 months of our 6 months of Spanish language classes here on the campus of Semenario Nazareno de las Americas (SENDAS) in Costa Rica. We have enjoyed our time with our teacher, Gaby, conversing in Spanish about God's work in our lives, and of course mixing in grammar and new vocabulary along the way.

Our Spanish ability has been tested as well, as we participate in church each Sunday and converse with other missionaries in the office, in reality a very international community. This past Sunday we were privileged to go to our pastor's house for Sunday lunch. As we sat around the table for several hours, talking in Spanish and laughing together, I was also praising God for all that we have learned so far.

We are half way through our time of schooling, and we still have much to learn. But, God is faithfully helping us!

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