Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Adoption Involvement

Some common responses to our story of adoption:

1) You guys are so amazing!
2) We have always wanted to adopt...hopefully we can some day.
3) Oh my word! How can you afford that? I thought adoption was really expensive!

A few responses to those responses:

1) GOD is amazing...we are simply privileged to be able to join in with what HE is doing. There's nothing amazing about us...just God.

2) Well? Who's preventing you from adopting? There are over 143 MILLION orphans in the orphan is too many. See on how you can get involved - even if you can't adopt, you can still impact the life of an orphan. It's actually pretty easy and fun to love on an orphan!

3) Ummm...yes - adoption is costly. However, we didn't ask "How much is this going to cost?" when God lead us into this journey. Practically, however, we need approximately $12,000 to bring Paulina home. We have sold our VW Jetta and are in the process of pursuing some grants. We've been told that most adoption grants are gone now, due to the economy.

We have also started a fundraiser at So, if you like coffee or know a human who does - consider buying a few hundred pounds today! Each pound of coffee provides $5 towards our adoption fund.

Thanks for checking these links out - thanks for your help in bringing Paulina home!

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